WTA Labs is a public platform specifically created to engage with the public and share the architectural process. It is an open platform for the development and execution of new ideas on architecture and urbanism that encourages input from its users by allowing for public participation and transparency. This shortens the historically long feedback loop and opens up the opaque and subjective decision making process.

The platform will feature live videos, studio features, and project documentaries that show how we create and apply new ideas. The videos and features will trace the development of projects from initial ideation to eventual completion and will allow the public to participate and comment at each stage of development. This allows us to create a brain trust that would widen and diversify the idea base and experiences that help inform how each project is done.

As a research platform, WTA Labs will incorporate various explorations on new typologies and focus on the implementation of these ideas. WTA Labs will seek to develop and evolve social spaces that defy conventional wisdom and test out ideas by embracing experimentation and documentation as a vital tool of the design process.

We have always been curious about the word impossible. How this negates so many possibilities that could in turn help the development of our human environment. This is the platform we hope to share with everyone; architects and developers, designers and artists, economists and public officials, economists and writers, community organizers and NGOs. It takes a village to build one. We need everyone to come help build our communities.

Bridging Architecture to People

WTA Live presents a live discussion of the architectural process of projects between project teams and our Principal Architect, William Ti, Jr. During the session, we encourage viewers to engage with the team, give suggestions, and share what they’ve learned.

Wednesdays at WTA will give you a peek at our studio culture every hump day. The very DNA that enables us to thrive in our studio and enjoy what we do as a team. From random snippets to studio features, viewers will get to know more about the people at WTA.

Projects by WTA is a long form documentary broken down into smaller stories showing the development of our design from inception to completion. Stories are broken down into shorter clips to be able to show progress and updates along the way.


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